Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Agenda for respective tournament days

The competition period will take place from 4 Sept to 8 Sept. As registration is still ongoing, do allow us some time to confirm the final dates for the respective competitions as this is dependent on registrations.  We will provide a final schedule by the end of the first week of August. <Update> Click here to view tournament schedule

  1. Tournament dates and location

The competitions will be held within the Annexe from 4 Sept to 8 Sept 2017.

  1. Do the students need to stay in the quarantine zone during lunch break?

No. The students will be released from the Annexe for lunch.

  1. When will the official award list be released?

The final awards lists will be uploaded onto the official NRC website by the end of July 2017. <Update> Click here to view award list

  1. Can the WRO tournament be completed in a single day as previous NJRC took 2 days for each category?
    The schedule for the various competitions has been currently planned as single day events. Should the need arise, we will extend the competitions to cover two days. <Update> Click here to view tournament schedule


World Robot Olympiad (WRO)

  1. What are the criteria to qualify for Costa Rica partial sponsorship? To what extent does the partial sponsorship cover?

SCS will decide the type of sponsorship as well as the teams to be sent to this year’s WRO to represent Singapore. All eligible teams will be notified upon the conclusion of NRC. Partial sponsorship covers registration fees and accommodations.

2. For teams who are not eligible for partial sponsorship, can they still proceed to WRO (International) with their own funding?

Interested teams will need to register for WRO via the National Organizer which in this case is Science Centre (SCS). SCS reserves the right to decide if any team is eligible or not to represent Singapore in this year’s WRO.

3. What is the Judging Criteria for Championship award?

The Championship Award for the WRO category shall comprise of the following components: Robot Performance (60%) and the rest of the 40% consist of namely Programming, Engineering, Presentation and Teamwork as stipulated in pages 8 & 9 of the Challenge Booklet. Robot performance will be determined by the scores achieved by the teams during the actual gameplay.

4. Is there any surprise rule?

Surprise rules will be introduced at the start of the day for the WRO categories and the surprise rules will be applicable across all 3 mission rounds throughout the day. The judges will take the best score out of the 3 runs to consider for the Championship and Best Robot Performance awards. In the case of tied scores, the team with the faster timing will be ranked higher.

5. Do we have practice runs prior to challenge week?

We will make provisions for the teams to test out the playfields before the competition week. For reservation of practice fields, please contact Masyitah at 6425 2370 or email to

6. What is the given table size for the presentation (open and regular category); we need a larger size for the presentation as there are lots of boxes to bring along for the students.

We note this concern and assure all teams that considerations have been made to cater sufficient space for all teams. <Update> For regular category, table size provided is 4ft x 2ft. For open category, system booth of 2m x 2m x 2m is provided.

7. Past NJRC teams have issues with the inconsistency of lighting, is there any way to resolve this?

Beyond unforeseeable circumstances, Science Centre (SCS) takes measures to ensure consistent lighting. We are also allowing for sufficient calibration time before each mission run so as to mitigate the effects of lighting changes.

8. What is the calibration time prior to each run?

For the WRO challenge, calibration time will be catered before each mission run with a longer calibration time given especially before the first run.

9. What is the scoring criteria for all awards? Eg, Best Presentation Award, is it based on the top score for Presentation category only?

Refer to the Challenge Booklets for the judging criteria. Awards are typically decided based on the top scores given by the judges. However, some awards are given based on the judges’ discretion, ie Most Sporting Team.

10. How many team members can be at the playfield during actual and practice run?

2 team members are allowed to be at the playfield at any time.

11. Any grand finals surprise mission?

No, there isn’t

12. Can a 16-year-old take part in the Tertiary category?

Yes. The Tertiary category will now include participants of ages 16 to 19 years old.

13. Is the black turbine base in Senior category built with black 1×6 lego bricks with holes?

Yes, we have confirmed this with International WRO team.

14. For categories which comprise randomization, are the randomization conducted prior to each round or each team’s individual run?

Teams should prepare their robots to be able to respond to randomization scenarios as stipulated in the WRO challenge booklet.

15. Is Lego rubber band allowed?

Yes, it is allowed.

16. Are Hi-technic sensors allowed?

Hi-Technic sensors as stipulated within the Challenge Booklet (see 3.11, pages 4 & 5) are allowed.

17. For senior category, if turbine drops off at the end of the 2min round, is there any deduction of marks?

We will take scores as at the end of the run. There will be no deduction of overall marks except that no marks will be awarded.

Robot arm (Open)

  1. We have 14 years old students interested in Robot Arm open category, are they allowed to participate?

The recommended ages for this competition are 15 – 25. However, for students younger than that, indemnity form has to be signed due to safety concerns.

2. What is the deadline for the submission of video presentation and where do we mail it to?

Submission deadline for the video presentation is extended till 15 August 2017. Please mail all presentation in a CD format (wmv, mp4) to 240 Macpherson Road, Pines Industrial Building, #03-01, Singapore 348574. Please attention the mail to Duck Learning (NRC). For teams who wish to drop off the CD personally, our office hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm excluding Public Holidays.


Science Automatica

  1. Can teams use other parts like acrylic for the slope?


2. What is the time given for students to setup?

Participants will be given approx 1 hour to setup, prepare and calibrate their experiment at their individual station before the start of the competition.