Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – NRC 2020

Last update: 12 November 2020


1. How will the winners collect their prizes? Will there be an award Ceremony?

There will not be any award ceremony due to the current Covid19 situation. The Science Centre will email the winners the collection instructions and details

2. When and how will we receive the certificate of participation?

The Science Centre will email the digital copy of the certificates to the ‘team managers’ as filled in during registration. Only digital copies will be given out.


WRO Open Category

1  What is the % of the robot that needs to be LEGO? Does that mean I can have an Arduino controller robot with some LEGO elements since there are no restrictions?

As with rule 2.3, there is no restriction on the use of controllers, hence you can have an Arduino controller with some LEGO elements. There is no restriction on the balance between LEGO elements as well so you may opt not to have LEGO elements.

2. Do we need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation?

As mentioned in the Materials section, the presentation materials are all in physical format (to replicate the original WRO Open booth), with teams sending in photos of the physical media for ease of evaluation and so that it will be clear to judges during the video presentation. There is no PowerPoint presentation.

3. Climate squad challenge, teams may choose one of the two areas (1,2) to work on, but they can also choose to work on a project focusing on both areas. Must teams choose either of the 2 areas listed or can they come out with their own focus?

The topics are chosen so that teams have an area of focus to develop their robot and presentation and broad enough such that there are multiple angles that they can come in from while allowing for judges to focus on that particular topic. Should the team choose to deviate from either of the 2 topics, do send us a proposal so that we can assess if we will allow it such that it falls under the umbrella theme of Climate Squad.

4. Do we need to submit a video prior to the presentation?

For NRC 2020, the teams for WRO Open Category won’t need to submit any video. However, teams can submit static photos as mentioned in the manual:


“1.4. Teams can send in static photos of the display used as supporting documents to aid in the evaluation before their allocated timeslot. The files sent should be in jpg, png or pdf, and should not exceed 7 MB in total, with a maximum of 5 files within a zip folder. Zip folder should be named <school>_<team name>_SupportingDoc. These physical documents should also be visible during the video conference, such as the display poster.”

CoderZ Challenge

1  When will we receive our CoderZ account upon registration? (updated 27 October 2020)

You will be receiving the login details week of 2nd to 6th November 2020. We have initially planned to release the login details 2 weeks in advance. However, this is currently not possible due to a technical upgrade.

Do be rest assured that this will not affect the participants’ progress as there will be a training session in the morning of the competition and ample time for participants to practice the missions.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

2. When will the online training be conducted?

The online training will be conducted on the challenge day itself. 

The first part of the challenge day consists of Training. Students will attend a live-online lecture where they will be introduced to the programming environment and will be led through 4 Activities. This will help prepare students for the final challenge.



1  We would like to clarify on what equipment and mission we will be doing if we were to participate in the Robomaster category

    The specifics for the gameplay will be available in mid-Sep but largely it entails the students programming 2 x Robomaster EP robots in block programming or Python to navigate within an official arena to perform tasks such as line tracking, shooting targets, manipulating objects and recognising visual markers. The students have the option to use the inhouse Robomaster EP sets provided for the competition

2. Where can I purchase the sets required for Robomaster challenge?

For the purchase of the required sets for Robomaster, you may contact 65Drones by going to