Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. For rule 3.7, teams are not allowed to use instructions etc. to assemble their robot. However, as teams will also have to present on the same day, they would have materials with the complete robot, which can constitute as building instructions. I would like to know how you will handle this situation as teams will inevitably need their presentation materials. E.g. will presentation materials have to be placed in a separate room from the competition hall?

Each team are only allowed to bring 1 laptop and to be used strictly for programming purpose. Additional materials for presentation can be kept by teachers or trainers until presentation time. Teams will start off with the robot game before proceeding with their presentation.

2. I would also like to know why the number of runs teams are allowed has been reduced to 2 for the preliminaries, as it is WRO standard for the scores of the day to be determined by a best-of-3 format.

NRC is independent of WRO, the National Organiser have the final say of the format.

3. How many 2-min rounds are there during competition day and finals? 

There will be 2 runs for the preliminary round and 1 run on Finals

4. Are cables subjected to the 25x25x25cm limit during inspection?

All cables and LEGO parts are to follow the limit for inspection.

5. What does the 150 minutes preparation time consist of? Does it include calibration, programming and testing after the robot is completely built?

Please refer to Challenge Manual Point 6.1

6. What does it mean by disassembling all parts? Every single unit part? Any limit on the number of parts to bring? 

Please refer to Challenge Manual Point 3.6

7. What do I do if my EV3e set does not have the security sticker?

Any LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 set which does not bear the LEGO Education authorised distributor/partner security sticker at its battery compartment is required to submit an official letter of authenticity from LEGO Education. Teams are required to submit these letters to the NRC committee at before 17 August 2018. Teams who fail to do so may result in disqualification.

8. What does it mean by an identical/similar robot? Will teams be given a first warning or immediately disqualification?

The team will be given a First warning to modify the robot in 10mins before their run.


WRO OPEN Category

<<NOTE>> Teams who are participating in this category are required to submit their report and video (via a youtube link) to by 20th August 2018, 5.00pm. Teams are required to upload their videos onto youtube and submit their report in pdf format. Please indicate your Team name,  School Name and names of all members in the report.


WeDo 2.0 Junior Challenge

1. The placement of the fruit in the grocery store and juice factory, must it be upright? Or can it be tilted?

Kindly refer to Page 7, Para 11. The fruit, upon reaching the designated areas, can be picked up by hand and place on top of the “Fruit Supporting Device”. This is to prevent the fruit from rolling away during the rest of the gameplay.

2. In the scoring sheet, what does it mean by ‘piece of fruit manually transported into the red area from the home area’?

There are two scenarios whereby the fruit can be placed at the correct designations, ie the “Juice Factory” or “Grocery Store”. The first scenario is when the robot brings the fruit from the “Farm Fields” to the “Juice Factory” or “Grocery Store” direct. The second is when the robot returns to “Home” with the fruit and then the fruit is handled and placed “manually” in the “Juice Factory” or “Grocery Store”. The sentence you quoted will refer to the latter scenario.

3. Can 2 perfect fruit be in the same grocery store? Or 1 each. Same question for ugly fruit.

There is no restriction on the above.

4. From the scoring sheet, 6th row, ‘Each fruit-supporting device (FSD) not moved completely outside the Farm Area where it was located initially. Define not moved completely.

At the end of the run, as long as the FSD is fully attached and within their own respective black box, it will be considered for scoring. Damaged FSD or FSD which are out of the black box will not be considered for scoring.

5. Is the robot allowed to collect all 4 fruits and place it on the Grocery Store and Juice Factory at the same time? Or must the fruit placement be done 1 by 1?

Both situations are allowed, either placing all 4 fruits at the same time or 1 by 1.

6. If the robot is within the Grocery Store or Juice Factory but the respective fruit is not within the area but attached to the robot. Is that particular fruit considered as within the coloured area?

The fruits itself has to be fully within the coloured zones to be considered for scoring.

7. What if the fruit accidentally rolls and stops in a coloured zone, will it be considered for scoring? Or must it be accompanied by a robot?

If a fruit rolls and comes to rest on the respective coloured zone, it will be considered for scoring regardless if the fruit is accompanied by the robot or not.