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KUBO Challenge

Have a child aged 4 – 10? Register now and start your child on the journey to coding! If you can solve a puzzle, you can code with KUBO!

KUBO Challenge is open to both schools and the general public!.

  • Perfect for children aged 4 to 10
  • Form a team of 2 with siblings or friends
  • Learn to code together and complete the challenge
  • Registration fee: $20 per team

SUMO Knockout Challenge

Open to both schools and learning centers.

Register your team for a Sumobot Knockout Challenge now!

The SUMOBOT Challenge is great for teams starting out in the robotics club.

Students applying their knowledge of constructing and programming to create SUMObots.

Consider robot structure, weight and gear ratios in their designs to make their robots push as hard as possible to force robot opponents out of the ring.

Learn the interrelationships between designing, building and programming.

Gives students the opportunity to be creative as well as have fun!

Registration fee: $20 per team

Download Challenge manual HERE!