Tournament Announcement & Schedule

NRC 2018 Daily Schedule_7AugTeam schedule

Please click on respective links below to access your team schedule. Do take note of your team number as this will be your team’s identification throughout the competition. (Subject to final registration numbers)

 Monday, 3 September 2018: WRO Primary (Elementary) Day 1 

Tuesday, 4 September 2018: WRO Primary (Elementary) Day 2   |   WeDo 2.0 Junior Challenge (updated 28 Aug)

Wednesday, 5 September 2018: WRO Secondary (Junior) Day 1  (updated 28 Aug) |   WRO Tertiary (Senior) Day 1

Thursday, 6 September 2018: WRO Secondary (Junior) Day 2  (updated 28 Aug) |   WRO Tertiary (Senior) Day 2

Friday, 7 September 2018: 

WRO Open  |  Robotic Arm Beginner   | Robotic Arm Intermediate  |  Robotic Arm Advanced  | Science Automatica Primary  |

Science Automatica Secondary


Programme Outline & Reminders

Please click on respective links below to access the programme outline and reminders for each tournament category. (Subject to final registration numbers)

WRO Primary (Elementary) Day 1 & 2   |   WRO Secondary (Junior) & WRO Tertiary (Senior) Day 3 & 4   |   WRO Open Category 

WeDo Jr Challenge   |   Science Automatica Upper Primary & Secondary

Robotic Arm Beginner   |   Robotic Arm Intermediate   |   Robotic Arm Advanced

WRO PRESENTATION FINALS (Primary/Secondary/Tertiary)


Finalists for WRO Robot Game Finals (8 September)

Please click on respective links below. Note that ranking is not in order.

Registration at The Annexe, Science Centre opens at 0700 hrs and competition begins at 0730hrs sharp.

Primary category (Elementary)   |   Secondary Category (Junior)   |   Tertiary Category (Senior)