Tournament Announcement & Schedule

WRO Open Category 2020

Event Date 17 November 2020
Reporting details Please refer to the schedule attached for more details.


Before presentation day

  • For school/organization that have multiple teams, kindly create a zoom account for each team. (One account for one team – Team members will be together on the screen, with their presentation materials and robot visible)
  • Do remember to send in the photos of the presentation material. Instructions for submission is listed below.
  • We would recommend that you use laptop or desktop with camera and microphone/speakers for the presentation. Do ensure that your presentation room has a good internet connection.


On presentation day (17 November 2020)

(Before Presentation)

  • Please adhere strictly to the reporting time. Enter the correct Zoom Meeting according to reporting time assigned.
  • Upon entering the Zoom Meeting, please note that you will be prompted to register your “Name”. Please key in your details in the following format:
  • <Team Number>_<Team Name>_<School/Organisation>


  • Ensure that your video is turned on and dress appropriately. It will be best if you can be dressed in your school uniform.
  • All teams will be held at “Holding Room” till scheduled presentation time.


(During Presentation)

  • You will be enter to the respective “Presentation room” according to the Start Time.
  • Ensure your audio is turned on and speak clearly during your presentation.
  • No screen sharing allowed. All materials have to be in a physical format, with a minimum size of 120 x 90 cm and visible on the screen.
  • Once you enter the “Presentation room”, there is a standby time of 30 seconds for you to get ready before we start the presentation proper.
  • There will be a timer on the screen counting down the 30 seconds preparation time, 5 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of Q&A. Participants have to strictly follow the time allocated for each component.
  • Once the presentation session ends or if the timer ends, team will be brought out of the Presentation room back into the holding room.


(After Presentation)

  • All teams will come at the “Holding Room”.
  • Teams are free to leave the meeting from there.
  • Teams will be removed from the Zoom Meeting after the presentation is done

Teams can submit the photos of the materials for the presentation by 11th November 2020 1200hrs to

. Please follow rule 1.4 for your submission. Zip file will follow the same naming convention as your zoom name, <Team Number>_<Team Name>_<School/Organisation> eg. OC001_TEAM HOLY SMORES_ANDERSON SERANGOON JUNIOR COLLEGE. Should there be no submission by your team by the deadline, the judges will fully rely on the Zoom video for the judging.

 If you have any issues logging in through the zoom meeting, please call Aishah at 6425 2547.

Download Schedule

WRO Open Category Judging Room 1

WRO Open Category Judging Room 2